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Art is one the most important activities that all of us can indulge in. Experts believe that Art plays an important role in almost all aspects of the child’s development be it creativity interpretation critical thinking & problem solving imagination etc. Art also provides a platform for self-expression communication exploration and cultural & historical understanding. Art classes help the students to develop cognitive & creative skills and regular participation in the art activity develops concentration self-confidence self-discipline persistence and the knowledge of how to make multiple revisions to create high quality work.

We all know that some of us are blessed with the natural talent for art whereas some others are not. At Melody Makers we follow a carefully developed structured and entertaining program to bring the best out of each student whether they are shaping up their natural talents or they are developing their skills with paint and brush in their pursuit for excellence in Art as their hobby or passion. Beginners are started with shapes coloring drawing simple outlines in addition to imparting theoretical knowledge about colors and drawing. Our program for the Intermediary level includes pencil shading charcoal painting oil pastels Indian ink work etc. At the Advance level the students are taught landscapes in water colors and acrylic patch work wash work and also landscapes still life and portraits in oil painting.

In-house art exhibitions in addition to the display of the art works at our concerts and shows provide an excellent opportunity for our very talented creative hands to portray their imaginary world to the outside world.

Admission is open for the students from the age of 7 years and we also offer classes for the adult art enthusiasts at the most convenient timings.

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