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Communication Skills

Effectively communicating our thoughts experiences and everyday needs is important; however it should be done in a way that comes across clearly persuasively and thoughtfully and yet not everyone knows how to do it. No matter what your age background or experience is effective communication is a skill you can learn at any time in your life. With a little self confidence and knowledge of the basics of good communications you will be able to effectively communicate your message in both conversations and presentations in all walks of life.

A speech like a song has a variety of notes tempo and loudness. A singer who just screeches all the way from the beginning to the end will not be listened to no matter how talentedly-highpitched he/she is. Same with delivering a speech; we ought to know when to stay silent when to pause when to speak loudly when to whisper when to speak fast when to slow down or else we would sound monotonous and the main points of our speech would not be understood or remembered well.

Our Communication Skills Program is a carefully developed structured program to build a solid foundation towards developing and honing the communication skills from a very young age. Our expert tutors look at basic communication dynamics and learning skills to shape up your communication skills in a friendly and competitive classroom atmosphere to help you to express yourself better

The basic purpose of the Effective Communication Program is to:

  • Listen think and speak with clarity i.e. communicate effectively using simple concise and direct language.
  • Organize what you want to say in a logical way.
  • Speak in public interact with people and express ideas in different situations.
  • Develop good interpersonal and dispute resolution skills.
  • Learn techniques for improving conversational and group communication skills.
  • Develop voice modulation and facial expressions.
  • Increase vocabulary knowledge.
  • Deliver effective presentations with or without the use of Audio/Visual aids

Communication Skills classes are friendly and fun-filled. Students enjoy every session of this course and learn through interactive in-house workshops self-assessments games and role-playing activities gaining practical experience initiating and responding to various forms of communication.

Words inspire no fear. Speak them. Words make you strong. Support them. Words show what you are and what you think. Do not let yourself be misunderstood. Words are valuable.

Admission for the Communication Skills classes is open for the students from the age of 7 years.

The students are prepared for the certification examinations conducted by the Trinity College London.

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Communication Skills

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