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Bharathnatyam is one of the oldest and most popular Indian classical dance forms known for its grace purity tenderness and sculpturesque poses. Bharathnatyam which beautifully blends the three elements – ‘Bha’-Bhava (expressions) ‘Ra’-Raga (musical melody) and ‘Ta’-Tala (rythm) it is said is like a diamond – it has many sides to it and each of these sides lends to its lustre. It has melody and rhythm poetry and drama expression and sculpture colour and tradition. These aspects blend to make Bharathnatyam one of the most popular dance forms in the world today.

Bharathnatyam at Melody Makers is taught by specialist teachers who are formally trained with several years of teaching as well as performance experience. Considering the fact that this is one of the highly skilled dance formats with technical details every effort is being made to teach Bharathnatyam at its best by incorporating all its basic elements.

Class builds on a foundation of good techniques and is suitable for beginners and for those with little experience in Bharathnatyam. Starting with a yoga-based warm-up that prepares dancers for more demanding movement sequences the class progresses to learning the adavus (basic dance units in Bharathnatyam). While focusing on the precision of body lines dancers are encouraged to use breath and imagery to explore the varieties of textures and patterns within a traditional set of steps. The class culminates with learning a simple piece of choreography. Repertoire class for intermediate and advanced dancers focuses on technical detail and learning more complicated and physically challenging dance items from the traditional Bharathnatyam repertoire to new choreography. In Melody Makers we have developed a distinctive method of teaching Bharathnatyam which is both enjoyable and effective.

The classes aim to develop dancers’ awareness of their own bodies in space and in relationship to other dancers. Pilates and yoga are incorporated into the classes to develop core strength good alignment and safe dance practice. The students who are passionate and dedicated can master amazing dancing skill by learning this glorious dance format.

Admission is open for the students from the age of 7 years.

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