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Kathak originated from northern part of India is one of the most beautiful Indian classical dance formats known for its dazzling footwork fast whirling movements and delicate abhinaya or mimetic acts. The word Kathak is derived from “katha” meaning “a story” and hence the word Kathak means a storyteller. The technique of Kathak calls for highly elaborate choreographic language using mudras (code hand-gestures) footwork facial expressions and positions of the body. Grace emotion and sophistication of gesture coupled with speed and the precision of its rhythms give Kathak its essential qualities.

In any classical dance formats perfecting the basic technique is of vital importance to achieve perfection. Keeping this in mind our Kathak program is carefully developed to ensure strong foundation to help the students to grasp and conquer the intricacies of this dance format. The Kathak program for the beginners include learning the basic exercises of footwork and hand movements which could take considerable amount of time of the child depending upon the learning and physical capability of the student. At the subsequent levels students move on to learn small thodas and thukras and eventually a full tarana followed by learning the importance of abhinaya and expressions.

At Melody Makers Kathak is taught by formally trained and highly talented teachers with several years of teaching and performance experience. While giving the required emphasis on the technical aspects of dance every effort is made to ensure that learning Kathak at Melody Makers is truly a fun filled and rewarding experience for the students.

Admission is open for the students from the age of 7 years.

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