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Instrumental Music Programs

Our Instrumental music classes are of one hour duration. Each of these classes are divided into 2 sessions and Theory of Music and Practical are taught in each of these sessions although, students have the choice of opting for the full hour Theory and/or full hour Practical to suit their individual needs. These sessions are conducted in small groups on one to one basis to ensure sufficient attention to each student.

Knowledge of music theory not only helps the students in understanding the music better but also facilitates them in reading and playing music pieces with ease. In the Practical sessions the student will learn the technical facility of the instrument and to play a piece musically and effectively.

Our students have a distinct advantage of learning and playing notations to songs of different languages considering the diverse national and language background of our faculty.

The students are prepared for the certification examinations conducted by the Trinity College London.

Currently we offer the following Instrumental Music Programs:

Instrumental Music Programs

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