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Vocal Music Programs

Voice is considered as the most important human instrument for music production apart from being the primary medium for communicating emotion and building social bonds. Several researches indicate that human song was developed independently of and probably prior to language. Hence, singing indeed is the central component of music education, whether for younger children or for the adults.

Many of us are gifted with natural singing ability, but it is very important to safeguard this talent and also to perfect it whether one wants to become an expert entertainer, a casual performer or sing for fun. Our Vocal Programs are developed to cater to everyone’s needs with an intent to enhance musical skills and techniques which enable the students to become life long participants of music. Our specialized training methods are fun filled focusing not only on voice training and music but also puts equal emphasis on working with students to overcome challenges and develop each student’s unique music identity.

Currently we offer the following Vocal Music Programs:

Vocal Music Programs Offered

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