Western Vocals

Western singing is distinguished above all, by its tone. While singers of other cultures may have a wider range, particularly a greater upward extension, western singing is more concerned with pure sound, tone quality, timbre and colour which add beauty to the voice.

Our Western Vocal music programs focus on fundamental singing techniques including breath support, tone quality, range, projection, posture, proper practice techniques and vocal health and maintenance to fine tune the voices and also to bring out the unique qualities in any singe’s voice. The purpose of our well thought out teaching methodology is to practice healthy singing by quality learning of music principles and techniques.

Our trained musicians with previous teaching experience work with every student endeavoring to bring out their full music potential by focusing on the mechanics of the voice, musical styles and performance, music theory, ear training and sight singing.

Admission for the Western Vocals classes is open for the students from the age of 7 years.

The students are prepared for the certification examinations conducted by the Trinity College London.

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