Electronic Keyboard

Electronic Keyboard Classes

Our electronic keyboard classes are of one hour duration. Each of these classes is divided into 2 sessions and theory of music and practical instrument playing skills are taught in each of these sessions. However, the students have the choice of opting for the full hour theory of music and/or full hour practical to suit their individual needs. 

During the theory of music sessions the students are taught the musical language which includes time signature, key signature, chords and musical terms which describe expressions, speed and articulations. The knowledge of theory of music not only helps the students in understanding the music better but also facilitates them in reading and playing music pieces with ease. In the practical sessions, apart from learning to play the instrument, the students will learn the technical facility of the instrument and to play a piece musically and effectively. 

The students are prepared for the certification examinations conducted by the Trinity College London.

Why Choose Our
Electronic Keyboard Classes?

Students are the focal point of all our programs and these programs are designed and developed keeping in mind our student needs. Our qualified and trained faculty pays close attention and work with every student for the overall development of their creative talent in a friendly and fun filled atmosphere.

Our students also have a distinct advantage of learning and playing notations to songs of different languages considering the diverse nationality and language backgrounds of our faculty.

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