Students are ready for in-person training at Melody Makers Dubai

Children passionate about dance, drama and music welcome the comeback of studio training.

Dance, music and drama training is the most popular choice for most children seeking to learn or enhance their skills. These skills have a vital role in children growing years to keep them engaged, improve focus and stay motivated.

2020 is the year remembered for social distancing. Even music classes and dance training in Dubai were disrupted as the lockdown, and the other restrictions made attending physical dance classes learning a challenging task.

Many children saw their physical activity decline, and their motivation waned, forcing them to adjust to life in isolation without dance. In the pandemic crisis, reputed training centres like Melody Makers Dubai soon adapted to the change. They created an online platform for the kids to continue their passion for drama training and attend virtual dance classes at home. 

Although e-learning helped keep kids active at home to some extent, an essential aspect of children’s growing years – the social connections to enjoy learning a new skill while physically interacting with friends and co-learners remained missing. The good news is that now Dubai’s reopening to a normal lifestyle with implementing proper Covid-safe protocols.

Here are the top advantages of taking your children back to face-to-face dance classes, music or drama lessons in Dubai.

Joys of social reconnection

Children are eagerly ready to return to the centre to reconnect and experience the joys of face to face dance training, communication and drama classes and music learning in the UAE.

Structured training sessions at the centre brings back the energy, boosts the motivation to take dance and music lessons. It also encourages and excites them to do better than their peers as they learn in the same room.

Connecting with peers during training sessions builds lifelong friendships, boosts confidence, makes them more passionate about dance and motivates them to do their best in the art skill they have chosen to learn at the studio premises together with their companions.

Enjoy time out

Even though parents and kids love each other the most, children enjoy some space and time away from being monitored by parents. Learning new skills at Melody Makers Dubai ensures children are trained in a COVID-safe environment, with proper protocols implemented, enjoying their timeout to acquire fresh talent.

It allows your child to acquire training in their field of passion, attending speech and drama lessons, instrumental music classes, or learning dances like Kathak, Bharatanatyam, or western dance. For the parents, this training time also gives you the advantage of focusing on your life’s other essential tasks and enjoying your time peacefully with yourself or your friends.

The comeback

Melody Makers Dubai is excited to see the children back to the training studio of their choice at the centre premises in Karama.

We will continue to follow all infection prevention guidelines in our classes, providing regular reminders to kids to adhere to physical distancing norms, hand washing and avoid touching the face and the mask.

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