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Dance Programs

Dance is an art of expression of emotions feelings and opinions through the movement and manipulation of the body. Dance is very often used to narrate a story or convey emotions through choreography along with appropriate music score. Dance being a vital form of expression can be a very powerful medium to convey a message effectively.

Regular learning and practicing dance not only gives our body much needed physical activity it also helps in the total development of the human personality in all its aspects. It’s a brilliant way to divert ourselves from our day-to-day routine and lead to a well resourced human body and mind.

Melody Makers boasts of having some of the very talented choreographers on board who have been training students as young as 7 years to adults in the various forms of contemporary and classical dance formats. Participation of our students in public platforms including in some of the reality shows is the true reflection of the quality training that we have been providing at our Institute.

Currently we offer the following Dance Programs:

Dance Programs Offered

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